Maureen Wellens, is a certified gemologist with an obsession for fine gemstones. Her passion began from her birthplace, Amsterdam, with the glorious background in diamond cutting.

The allure of the precious stones prompted her to travel to every corner of the globe to experience, live, observe and absorb, people and places from different cultures. 

The images, colors and experiences she gained from these travels, inspired her to create her own label.

The Mediterranean island’s vibrations and the never-ending colorful summers depict not just a style, but a lifestyle. A vibrant way of life in an exclusive resort, where you can grasp the magic sensation of all the elements of the earth…

The cradle of civilization is the Mediterranean region. It is the endless sea, sun and the eternal beauty that keeps inspiring people to thrive. It is here, where Maureen’s creativity and imagination is converted into a fine jewel…

Each piece is unique and made according to the 18th artisan technique of crafting design in wax before implementing it into real gold and precious gems. Nature itself is the ultimate art. 

The woman is the supreme inspirational gender. Maureen captures floral and natural elements and turns them into the ultimate object of desire for woman of all ages, women as independent and strong as herself.

In her hands, precious unprocessed gemstones and gold are crafted into majestic artworks

Maureen’s philosophy is to be glamorous and chic every day.

Wear Maureen’s jewelry with pride, wear it for you.
Wear and dare, day and night, let her jewelry reflect your inner self.