“Handmade with love” is the claim of this young brand founded by Maureen Maris, a certified gemologist with a true obsession for fine gemstones. This particular passion was born with her in Amsterdam, the “city of diamonds”, and has pushed Maureen to travel to every corner of the globe, to observe, discover and absorb every detail and “cut” of this small world, the jewellery world. Now, she is based in a place where to catch daily inspirations: living on a greek Island means to stay with feet on the roots of artisan technique, and with mind, heart and eyes always on beauty, as the neverending colourful summers, the traditional architecture, the Mediterranean nature and sea. Maureen captures floral and natural elements and turns them into the ultimate object of desire for woman of all ages. Gemstones and gold are crafted into majestic artworks, really often customized for special occasions ad weddings, bridal parties, birthdays, anniversaries.

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